It’s a Journey, not a destination

by Zach Rynders

There are a wide variety of reasons people start exercising or begin a new fitness program. You may want to lose weight, have more energy, be healthier, or maybe you want to be stronger and perform better. At Trident we often pose the question “What are you training for?” What this really means is you need a goal. You have to decide where you want to be and, more importantly, how you are going to get there. You need to chart your path and have a destination for your journey. Without this you are left to wander. What many people don’t realize is that it's the journey you take that really matters, not the destination. When you start your fitness program you may set a goal, such as lose 10lbs, complete a race, or lift some amount of weight. While these are great goals, they don't determine what you do on a daily basis to get there, or where to go once you reach your goal. Think about this. Will you ever achieve everything you want to achieve? There is always something more to be had! You should enjoy your journey and not put off enjoying life until you reach your destination. Make each day something you look forward to and an opportunity to improve, getting closer to your goals. Don’t just wish it were the day when you finally reach your goal. Living your life wishing it were a certain day in the future is a terrible way to go about things. A perfect example of this is something many people can relate to- waiting for the weekend. Do the math on this. If you spend the weekdays wishing it were the weekend, you will spend at least 70% of your life waiting for something else. That is some depressing math. You should learn to enjoy the journey every day and take pride in what you do! You will live your life with vigor and happiness each day. When you walk into the gym you should be passionate about your training and enjoy the challenges that lie ahead of you! If you do this only good things will happen. Your journey to improved health and fitness will be filled with lots of great experiences. You will build relationships and make life long friends, learn to celebrate triumphs and be motivated from failures, and achieve things you never thought you were capable of! Enjoy your journey, and don't’ be a wanderer! Look at Scott, he is CLEARLY enjoying his journey! You can even see the progression of his enjoyment…

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