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Dave B transformationWhat results have you achieved since starting CrossFit at Trident?: "Well since joining CrossFit at Trident, I've achieved so many goals, some of them I wasn't even aware of? I think when I first joined I told Zach that I just wanted to work on mobility and strength. I've since dropped over 30lbs and I and this wasn't one of my main goals. I started to and continue to eat pretty clean. I'm also getting much more proficient with the Olympic weight lifting movements (wasn't a goal)." What do you like best about our program/classes/coaches?: "What I like best about Trident is that everything is scalable. CrossFit in general has such a negative connotation especially when it comes to injuries. At Trident, the programs/classes are designed to mitigate or lessen any type of injuries. I love that about Trident, there's actual thought put into their programs. There's never a time that someone walks away from the gym thinking they've wasted an hour of their day, each class offers a challenge every single time. The coaches are great!  Zach, Everett, Dave, Mason, Paul, Dana, and Erin have all helped me personally with any questions or advice that I've needed.  They are more than willing to take extra time out to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. If one of them doesn't have an answer, they'll at least point you in the right direction.  Their dedication is world class." What do you most enjoy about being a member at Trident?:  "Being a part of the Trident team  makes you want to better yourself in all aspects of your life.  The staff and programs are world class. One thing is for sure, it has provided me with a solid physical fitness foundation that I could take with me anywhere I go. Knowing this, gives me an edge and confidence to tackle any challenges that I may face"  


YouTube Preview Image   "Since taking ownership and being accountable to myself for my health, I feel incredible! I am so full of positive energy.  Nothing is impossible. I am confident I can achieve anything I set my mind to! I’m not afraid to fail. So what if I fail, it just means I found my limit and that’s ok. It just sets the mark for the next workout."  


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"One of the things that I'm fighting right now is Parkinson's Disease... One of the things that I knew that I had to do, was I had to get my body in shape. As I was fighting this disease, I was losing muscle and I needed good nutrition and good work-outs, so I started coming to Trident."
"When I first came here, to Trident, I could do one pull-up... Now, I can do 3 sets with tempo - 6 reps,
 Since I've been here - I've been here for 6 weeks now - I've lost 10% body fat using their nutrition."


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"For me, I need a lot of motivation; I need structure, and for Trident, they take away the thought process of when I come in, it's already written down for me, and then I feel like I'm coming to a family. It's like a community."
"When you come to Trident, it's not just a work-out, you don't just come to class and it's just a class, and it's just a work-out. What I like about Trident is that we work on things like mobility; we'll have a mobility workshop. Sometimes, we'll have a nutrition workshop. Those things are important because, as anyone knows, if you do anything in fitness, you can't really be successful if your nutrition is off, or if you're not doing the right mobility, and that's what I like about Trident, is that they incorporate all of these things to make you a successful athlete."


YouTube Preview Image "Hit my 6 month CrossFit Anniversary! I'm leaner, faster, and stronger. Still have so much to learn and work on, but I love my gym, coaches, and fellow classmates and can't wait to keep going and see more results mentally and physically. Bonus: My kids think I'm pretty awesome!"  

Michael & Kenya

YouTube Preview Image "I was previously an active runner and working out at the YMCA, I feel I had plateued and wanted to take my fitness to the next level. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically since starting at Trident"

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