Circuit Training A fun, high intensity group class, “PURSUIT” is a circuit style training program designed for all fitness and experience levels. Our professional training staff will lead you through challenging, total-body workouts with a focus on functional movements under light to moderate loads. PURSUIT workouts do not incorporate heavy weightlifting or skilled gymnastics work, distinguishing them from our regular CrossFit classes. These classes will allow participants to improve their overall fitness level in the shortest time possible. All of our PURSUIT programming can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual, with multiple scaling options for each movement. By eliminating complex Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastic progressions, we can offer this class without the need for our “On Ramp” Introductory Course; opening up PURSUIT to everyone. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or you are an experienced athlete, we are confident you will find PURSUIT both challenging and rewarding. Come pursue your fitness goals with us! There is no additional fee for Trident members to attend these classes. $15/class for non-members.