Personal Training / Program Design

Trident Athletics speciality is developing programs for your individual athletic needs.  All programs are unique to the individual, you will be exposed to training techniques and equipment you will not find anywhere else. Rigorous application of our programs supervised by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will not let you fail is what separates us from everyone else.

We specialize in individualized training programs for:

  • Special Forces Members & Delusional Wannabes
  • Competitive CrossFit Athletes
  • Optimized Fitness & Body Composition Programs
  • Olympic Weightlifters
  • Offseason Athletic Advancement

Our Individualized Training Programs include these speciality services:



We start with a comprehensive structural balance assessment, this is very important in developing your personalized program specific to your goals.  An optimal balance of strength from left to right, front to back, top to bottom is of first importance in long term athletic development. We will identify any deficits in stabilizing musculature, side to side asymmetries, and faulty movement patterns. A structurally balanced athlete will be capable of greater strength development and significantly reduce injuries.

Recovery and Restoration Techniques

Intelligent training programs are complimented by proper recovery techniques to ensure long term success.  All Trident Athletics programs balance recovery to the training. By having your program completely individualized and carefully monitored we will ensure that your training is optimized to realize maximum training gains and prevent injuries.

Personalized Program Design

An individualized program to increase performance in your sport or to achieve a particular fitness goal. Our personalized program design starts off with a thorough structural balance assessment, body composition analysis and nutritional consultation. Every  week your progress will be reviewed and the next phase of your exercise and nutrition will be discussed and a new program design provided.


Personal Training

Identical to the Personalized program design except for we are there with you every step of the way.


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