Olympic Weightlifting

      zach snatch The Trident Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Program is for those who want to get serious with their weightlifting technique, increase explosiveness, gain power and improve strength! We have worked with athletes of all different ages and skill levels, from beginners to national level lifters. Our coaches have years of experience in both coaching and competing in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Primary Exercises - Snatch - Clean & Jerk - Back Squat - Front Squat - Power Snatch - Power Clean Assistance exercises include but are not limited to: weighted pull ups and dips, deadlifts, presses etc. We will build a foundation of strength and technique in weightlifting. Training programs address individual needs of each athlete and workouts will vary each session to allow comprehensive development of each athlete. If you want to pursue weightlifting consistently, this is perfect for getting you started on a program. Competitions Trident Athletics is host to the premier Olympic weightlifting meets in the Puget Sound area. We host meets multiple times per year, giving athletes the opportunity to gain experience and success in the competitive arena. Check the "Upcoming Events" section on our homepage to find out when the next Trident weightlifting meet is happening!  

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