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Trident Athletics is a full-service training facility providing individualized programs to fully support, enhance, and improve health and wellbeing of our clients. We offer CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Personal Training and Program Design. Start here! There are two ways to get started at Trident Athletics:  

Group On-Ramp $99

Group On-Ramp classes (8 people max) run monthly at the beginning of every month. The Group On-Ramp class will meet three times; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6 pm. All you have to do is register prior to the beginning of the session to reserve a spot. Attendance at all classes is required to pass. If any session is missed, a private make-up session for $50 will have to be scheduled.  

Individual On-Ramp $199

Three one-hour personal training sessions are focused on skill-development and physical assessment. The sessions will be scaled to your ability to cover all the basic movements used in CrossFit. Individual On-Ramp sessions are scheduled when you want and the sessions have the flexibility to cover a wide variety of topics depending on your skill level. Remember you can share Individual On-Ramp with up to two of your friends. Even if you are of different experience levels our coaches will make sure everybody progresses to the next level. Just make sure you sort out your schedule so you all can make it to each session you schedule. If you are an experienced CrossFitter or have completed an On-Ramp-like program at another CrossFit Affiliate please contact us here for your options.  

Personal Training $125hr. / Program Design $350mo.

Trident Athletics specialty is developing programs for your individual athletic needs. All programs are unique to the individual; you will be exposed to training techniques and equipment you will not find anywhere else. Rigorous application of our programs supervised by a Navy SEAL who will not let you fail is what separates us from everyone else. For more information on personal training click here.  

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