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on ramp page 1 Starting CrossFit at Trident Athletics is easy! We start everyone off with Intro to CrossFit sessions known as "On-Ramp". In those classes we show you what we do, how we do it and have you experience a CrossFit style workout. CrossFit workouts and our gym is something that must be experienced to truly be understood. On-Ramp explained The Trident Athletics CrossFit On-Ramp is ideal for anyone who is looking for a life changing fitness experience. We start each client off with close one-on-one instruction that involves a movement evaluation performed by a physical therapist as well as introductory workouts. You will learn and practice the core skills of CrossFit, develop safe foundational movement patterns right from the start, and build intensity at an individual pace. Trident Athletics CrossFit Group On-Ramp is typically 3 one-hour sessions, but can be tailored to each client to ensure skills are learned at a comfortable and effective pace. On-Ramp can be scheduled either individually or in small groups.   On Ramp Web Pic These intro classes are scheduled like personal training, meaning we can get you started quickly and conveniently. *You are responsible for attending all scheduled sessions. CrossFit On-Ramp is $99. To start CrossFit just sign up with the link below and we will make sure you get all the info you need (directions, parking, etc) to get in the best shape of your life. on-ramp option 1A Typical Class We will use a 6pm class for this example. In each class, you will warm up, learn new movements, and do a full CrossFit workout. 5:45 – 5:55 Arrive at the gym and get oriented. 5:55 – 5:59 Watch the other CrossFit Classes in action before your Intro 6:00 – 6:01 Your Coach will call the Intro Class over to the whiteboard 6:02 – 6:10 The Coach will give a brief overview of CrossFit, explain the workout, and answer any questions you have 6:10 – 6:25 Movement Instruction guided by the Coach warming you up, teaching you the exercises, and preparing you for the workout 6:25 – 6:40 3-2-1-Go!! Now you will hit the workout at your pace while supervised by your Coach. It may be only 15-20 minutes or less but we guarantee that is enough!! 6:45 – 6:58 Cool Down. Group discussions on how to pick the right amount of exercises for optimal results. 6:59 – 7:00 High-Fives and applause for surviving your first CrossFit workout

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