Zach Rynders

Zach Rynders Director of Training

Zach is the Director of Training at Trident Athletics.  He oversees the CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting programs, provides individual program design, and implements nutrition plans tailored to each client’s goals. Zach’s dedication and positive attitude, combined with his professional training as a coach and Doctor of physical therapy, allows him to provide a successful, results driven, and encouraging environment for everybody.

Zach received his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from The University of Puget Sound. He has also conducted professional research on movement evaluation and injury risk assessment. Understanding how the body moves and functions, he is able to use movement as a diagnostic tool to significantly improve performance, prevent injuries, and help individuals recover from pre-existing injuries. Zach diligently works with all clients on an individual basis to provide a safe and effective training regimen that is tailored to each person’s current fitness levels and goals.

In addition to being a DPT, Zach is also a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer.

Zach’s ambition is to inspire and guide everybody to a happier and healthier life, which is something he enjoys doing each day at Trident Athletics.

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