Everett West

Everett West CrossFit Coach at Trident Athletics

As a multi-sport athlete throughout his entire life, Everett developed a passion for fitness and athletic performance at an early age. He quickly learned the dedication and hard work it takes to excel both on and off the field. It was his love for football that played the greatest role in his definition of commitment and determination.

After winning a Southern Section CIF State Championship, Everett moved to Tacoma, WA where he competed in both football and track and field at the collegiate level. During his collegiate athletic career, he found CrossFit to be a successful and motivating training method to prepare for sports in the off-seasons.

While he continues to pursue athletic success through CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting competitions, Everett also recognizes the value of the scalability of Trident’s programs. This permits individuals of all fitness levels to access elite training. His goal is to inspire others to find passion in health and fitness, no matter their level of fitness or individual goals.

Everett has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Leadership from the University of Puget Sound in addition to having a CrossFit Level 1 Certification. His passion for helping others has led him to peruse a career in Law Enforcement in addition to coaching at Trident.