Dave May

Dave is a full time law enforcement officer with a large metropolitan department and holds a leadership position on the agency’s SWAT Team. Dave arrived at Trident Athletics while seeking an improved approach to his own fitness as he was recovering from a work related back injury. At Trident, Dave found programming that increased his overall health and provided a new level of fitness; more effectively preparing him for the demands of his work environment.

Dave joins the Trident coaching staff with an extensive background in instruction. He is a primary instructor for Washington State’s Tactical Officer Association. Dave is responsible for training hundreds of the region’s SWAT and tactical officers. In addition to technical instruction, Dave is in charge of planning and programming the physical training regimen for WSTOA’s SWAT Officer certification course.

Under Dr. Zach Rynders, Dave has increased his knowledge in areas of movement, recovery and diet. He strives to provide effective coaching for athletes of all fitness levels. Dave is motivated by the sense of community at Trident Athletics and works tirelessly to cultivate a training environment that is both intense and supportive.

Dave sincerely believes in improving the quality of life for Trident members through fitness and health. Whether you are training to apply for a tactical team or you are looking to make your retirement the best years of your life, Dave is excited to help you reach your goals.