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Trident Athletics CrossFit Class

Trident Athletics is the premier strength and conditioning facility in the greater Tacoma area offering CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, program design, and sport specific strength and conditioning.  The coaches at Trident Athletics form a dynamic, dedicated, and determined team who continually strive to move you towards your greatest potential. Our method is not exclusive to one brand of fitness, instead; to that of exercise physiology and measurable results. We take the science that fitness is based on and systematically apply it to your program. A typical training program may include structural balance, targeted energy systems, nutritional, and lifestyle elements as well. We work with a variety of people from the stay at home moms, former college athletes, crossfitters, football players, cyclists, weightlifters, endurance athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re in a sport, on a team, or just wanting to improve your current level of fitness we can assist in that journey. We are truly a Client Focused - Results Driven facility dedicated to providing our valued clients world class service and outstanding results!