Bulletproof Seminar Series- Introduction to Striking for Self-Defense

July 8, 2017
1:00 pmto4:00 pm

Bulletproof Seminar Series

We will be launching a new program this summer called the Bulletproof Seminar Series. Each month we will be hosting a specialty seminar in-house, led by our coaches in their own fields of expertise. The goal of these seminars is to build optimal health and fitness by educating participants on how to move and think, bulletproofing your mind and body!

Seminars are designed for athletes of all levels. A Trident membership is not required in order to attend.


 Introduction to Striking for Self-Defense Seminar – Saturday July 8th, 1-4pm

Presented by Dave May

 Dave is a full time law enforcement officer for a large metropolitan police department. He has over ten years of experience in instructing police officers in tactical disciplines and defensive tactics. Dave currently serves as the Director of Training for the Washington State Tactical Officers Association and is an active member on his agency’s SWAT Team. In addition to law enforcement, Dave has professional experience in executive protection. He has practiced various martial arts over the last 20 years and understands how they can be applied in real world scenarios.

Course Description

The ability to defend yourself against someone who wishes you harm begins with your state of mind. Developing an effective mindset is a process which rests on a foundation of self-awareness and confidence. Determining the tools you need to protect yourself within a specific environment can start you down the path to better preparedness.

This course will provide an introduction to basic striking techniques that can be utilized for self-defense. Attendees will learn progressions for developing effective strikes that mitigate risk of self-injury while delivering maximum energy onto an attacker. Instructional points will cover multiple punches, low kicks, knee and elbow strikes; building into potent combination delivery. There will be a focus on appropriate distancing, interrupting an attack and creating separation.

Also included in the course will be programming input for adding striking and defensive techniques into your training regimen.

The seminar will include both lecture and practical application exercises. Dress as you would for a workout, but there is no specialty equipment required.


Course Objectives

Discuss the keys to an effective defensive mind-set

-Introduce conditions of awareness as they relate to self-preservation

-Understand the fighting stance, movement and protection of vital areas

-Discuss effective targeting

-Understand spatial awareness and proper positioning for strike delivery

-Learn to throw and understand the use of a:




-Hammer Fist Punch

-Leg Kick

-Straight Kick

-Knee Strike

-Elbow Strike





*Spots are limited! No refunds after registration

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