Bulletproof Seminar Series – Squat Seminar

June 10, 2017
1:00 pmto4:00 pm

Bulletproof Seminar Series

We will be launching a new program this summer called the Bulletproof Seminar Series. Each month we will be hosting a specialty seminar in-house, led by our coaches in their own fields of expertise. The goal of these seminars is to build optimal health and fitness by educating participants on how to move and think, bulletproofing your mind and body!

Seminars are designed for athletes of all levels. A Trident membership is not required in order to attend.


JB Clean

 Squat Seminar – Saturday June 10th, 1-4pm

Presented by Dr. Zach Rynders, PT, DPT. Physical therapist and director of training at Trident Athletics

 Zach received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Puget Sound. He is an expert in human movement and has worked with clients of all skill levels and backgrounds, from post-operative deconditioned clients to professional athletes. Additionally, Dr. Rynders has published research on movement screening and injury risk assessment. He is a competitive Olympic weightlifter that “walks the walk” and personally knows what it takes to squat over 500 lbs.

Course Description

Squatting is the one of the most fundamental human movements. Whether we are inside the gym, at work, or at home, we are required to squat on a daily basis. On the surface, squatting can seem like an intuitive movement that every human understands how to produce. However, there is often great variability in movement from one person to the next. Understanding how to dissect the squat, and recognizing what is optimal v dysfunctional movement can go a long way towards improving performance and reducing risk for injury.

This course will describe in detail how to identify and fix common movement faults in the squat. We will be covering a broad spectrum of squat performance, from getting in/out of a chair to maxing out with 500+ lbs on your back. This will include biomechanics of the spine and lower extremities. A basic overview of human anatomy related to squatting will be utilized to help participants better understand how to move and function.

Expect a mixture of lecture and “lab” with one-on-one coaching on your own movement patterns. Come prepared to move around, we aren’t built to be stagnant! Lastly, we will send you off with some homework in the form of corrective exercises to reduce risk for injury, increase performance, and maximize your potential.


Course Objectives

Identify and correct common movement faults in squatting

-Develop a basic understanding of human anatomy related to squatting

-Develop strategies to improve range of motion and strength

-Address musculoskeletal pain experienced while squatting

-Understand movement variability when squatting heavy weight v bodyweight

-Identify when, why, and how to use a lifting belt

-Identify pros and cons of various squat exercises and squat techniques

-Develop strategies to increase squat performance for implementation in athletics




*Spots are limited! No refunds after registration



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